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Cutting Performance in Grooving Turning of Super Heat-Resistant Alloy Inconel 718 with a High-Pressure Coolant Supply

In grooving turning of super heat-resistant alloy Inconel 718 with a pressurized coolant supply, the effects of the coolant pressure on the cutting performance have not been reported. In this study, in grooving turning of Inconel 718 with a high-pressure coolant supply, the chip configurations and the tool wear were experimentally investigated. The following results were obtained: (1) The pressure coolant supply method improved the chip breakage performance. (2) In the case of low-pressure coolant supply cutting, the mass per chip increased with increasing cutting speed. However, in the case of highpressure coolant supply cutting, there was no difference in mass per chip even if the cutting speed was increased.(3) It seems that the bending of chips caused by high-pressure fluid has a large influence on chip breakage in high-pressure coolant cutting.(4) Comparing the cutting of the conventional coolant supply cutting with the cutting of the pressure coolant cutting, the tool wear with the pressure coolant supply was smaller than that with the conventional coolant supply.(5) Comparing the cutting of the low-pressure coolant supply with the cutting of the high-pressure coolant supply, the tool wear with the highpressure coolant supply was smaller than that with the low-pressure coolant supply. Keywords - Grooving Turning, High-Pressure Coolant Supply, High-Nickel Alloy, Inconel 718, Machinability, Coated Cemented Carbide.