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Synthesis and Optimization of Biodiesel from Soya Bean

This work focuses on the evaluation of the proximate composition of soybean seed and its utilization in the production of biodiesel. Samples of soybean seed were collected from Eke Awka market Anambra State, Nigeria and were assessed for proximate composition using AOAC, 2005 method. Oil were extracted from the soybean seed using soxhlet extraction method and were characterize for its physiochemical properties. The oil was used in the production of biodiesel using different variations of temperature, reaction time, amount of catalyst and catalyst to oil ratio. Trans-esterification of the oils with methanol and potassium hydroxide as catalyst gave their corresponding methyl esters (biodiesels) and glycerol which were washed, dried at (55OC) and biodiesel produced were characterized and compared with commercial diesel for its suitability in motor engine. The optimum yield (78.93%) was obtained at the optimized parameter values of 52.92oC (temperature), 1.04 wt% (catalyst), 0.21 (oil/methanol ratio) and 58.52 minutes (reaction time). The results of the test classified the soybean biodiesel within limits set for biodiesel’s properties by ISO 14214 specifications on Biodiesel. Keywords - Soybean, Biodiesel, Eke-Awka, Biofuel.