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Effects of Process Parameters on Machining Characteristics using WEDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) of Inconel 625

This study investigates the effects of Wire Electrical Discharge machining (WEDM) process parameters on Material Removal Rate, Surface Roughness and Kerf Width while machining Inconel 625. Wire Electrical Discharge machining (WEDM) is a non conventional process in which material removal takes place through melting and vaporization of metal when the Wire Sparks. There are so many process parameters which affect the quality of machined surface cut by Wire Electrical Discharge machining (WEDM). But, the Pulse ON Time (TON), Pulse OFF Time(TOFF), Wire Tension(WT) & Peak Current(Pc) are most important. However, the important performance measures in Wire Electrical Discharge machining (WEDM) are Material Removal Rate (MRR), Surface Roughness (SR), kerf width (KW). Experiments are carried out using L9 Orthogonal array by varying Pulse ON Time (TON), Pulse OFF Time (TOFF), Wire Tension(WT) & Peak Current(Pc) for Inconel 625 material. The results showed that the Pulse ON Time (TON), Pulse OFF Time (TOFF) and Wire Tension (WT) are the most significant parameters affecting the Removal Rate (MRR), Surface Roughness (SR), kerf width (KW) respectively, whereas the influence of the Peak Current is much smaller. Keywords - Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Taguchi, S/N Ratio, Grey Relational Analysis, L9 Orthogonal Array, Optimization