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A Review On: Efficient Energy Optimization In Reheating Furnaces

In Iron and Steel Industry Semi-finished products from blooming-billet/slabbing mills and continuous casting shop such as slabs, blooms & billets are reheated in reheating furnace to a temperature of 1260o C to 1280o C,using mixed gas(Coke Oven gas & Blast Furnace gas/BOF gas) having calorific value around 2400 kcal/m3 along with hot combustion air for plastic deformation in rolling. During the process reheating of the semi-finished products, scale formation (metal loss) takes place and it depends on the variation of the time -temperature cycle with rolling rate and mill delays, presence of CO2, SO2, moisture and unburnt oxygen etc in the flue gas. The aim of this paper is to analyze the possibilities for energy efficiency improvements through utilization of measurement and automatic control; this includes both direct fuel savings and indirect savings due to product quality improvements. Focus is on energy use in steel reheating furnaces for rolling mills. The demands on the reheating process and the operational conditions that are essential for its control are described. There is another area for reducing energy consumption is by waste heat recovery from flue gases and the reduction in specific fuel consumption/ton of finished products, scale losses during reheating and rolling process and the advantages of walking beam furnace over pusher type reheating furnaces. The paper also deals the control of surface oxidation by improving the combustion efficiency, controlling temperature for minimizing fuel consumption and better utilization of energy in terms of specific fuel consumption/ton of finished steel. Keywords- Energy Optimization, Semi-Finished Products, Reheating Furnace, Scale Formation (Metal Loss), Specific Fuel Consumption, Waste Heat Recovery, Walking Beam and Pusher Type Reheating Furnaces, Better Utilization of Energy