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A Crowned Helical Gear With Twist-Free Tooth Flanks Generated By A Cnc Honing Machine

Conventionally, a method for longitudinal tooth flank crowning of the honed work gear surfaces is performed by setting a crossed angle between the honing cutter and work gear axes as a linear function of work gear’s displacement in the gear honing process. However, which produces twisted tooth flanks on the honed work gear. Therefore, this paper proposes a method for honing twist-free tooth flanks of the honed work gear by adding a twist-free function into the work gear rotation that given by the product of the rotational angle of the honing cutter and displacement of the work gear. Two numeral examples are presented to validate the proposed method to the honing of helical gear with twist-free tooth flanks. The twist of the honed helical gear tooth flank is reduced significantly by applying the proposed twist-free function. Keywords-Gear Honing, Longitudinal Crowning, Twist-Free Tooth Flank, Twist-Free Function.