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The Reliability Improvement of Jetty Structure by using Anti Carbonation

Referring toGrading Port Management Data and Regulation on 2018 by Marine Facilities, Port Grading in Fuel Terminal Tg Wangi only got 60,7% point which means the jettyhavepoor condition with damage parameters often reported is spalling due to carbonation in the concrete, so the reinforcement becomes exposed and corrosion occurs. The main jetty is the highest component that gives damage gradations and makes the dock grading factor in the lowest position. As a solution, this paper describes the use of Anti Carbonation that is proven effective with low initial investment cost. The result shown that the using of anti carbonation on jetty structure improve water permeability and reduce water vapor transmission through out concrete jetty. The two component becomes the main concept to prevent corrosion on reinforcement that caused by carbonation. Keywords - Carbonation, Jetty, Water Permeability, Vapor Transmission, Fuel Terminal Tg Wangi