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An Integrated Approach to the Design of Mechanism Underlying a Mobile Beach Cleaning Machine

This paper presents a consolidated design of the mechanism driving a beach cleaning machine we call Gar-Bot. All the three fundamental working units responsible for Locomotion, Garbage Collection and Garbage Deposition have been developed in considerable detail. Much of the efforts in building such a kind of a beach cleaning structure in the past have been directed solely towards keeping the sifter external to the main assembly. As a result, little emphasis has been laid on the ever-increasing space such a heavy loaded vehicle encompasses when the sifter is entirely separated from the main module. An attempt, therefore has been made to integrate that component within the main assembly using a specialized electrically actuated joint mechanism, thereby achieving the desired compactness. Tracked wheel system is chosen over wheeled one to allow the movement of the Gar-Bot both on dry and wet terrains of the beach in order to make them litter-free. Keywords - Consolidated Design of the Mechanism, Beach Cleaning Machine, Gar-Bot, Locomotion, Garbage collection, Garbage Deposition, Sifter, Specialized Electrically Actuated Joint mechanism, Compactness, Tracked Wheel System, Litter