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A Non-Equilibrium Mono-Component Evaporation Model for Heating and Evaporation of Alkyl Alcohols

Droplet heating and evaporation is a phenomenon which has become an indispensable part of industry and technology such as evaporative cooling, fuel combustion, spray drying and it is also important to cloud physics, pre-mixing of air-fuel, pollution control, nanofabrication etc. Evaporation is an unsteady problem, associated with both mass and heat transportation. The present analytical work focuses on the modelling of heating evaporation of a single component droplet, for different types of fuel like ethanol, propanol, methanol. A non-equilibrium Langmuir-Knudsen model for a monocomponent droplet at rest is developed to obtain several evaporation parameters. The intentness of droplet interior is considered as identical throughout its area. The evaporation model has been extensively studied and suitably implemented into a CFD code, in order to compute the evaporation process of a mono-component droplet. This comprehensive work, undertaken highlights the comparison of the evaporation characteristics among ethanol, propanol, methanol and we have observed some interesting phenomenon in our result. Keywords - Langmuir-Knudsen Model, Single-Component Droplet, Evaporation, Knudsen Layer, Non-Equilibrium