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Integration of Shainin DOE Tools With Six Sigma Framework to Reduce the Rejections in Small-Scale Industries

Shainin DOE is one of the three types of Design of Experiment (DOE) techniques. The others being the classical approach of full factorial experiments and the Taguchiā€Ÿs approach of Orthogonal arrays. Shainin DOE is described as one of the simple and powerful tools of DOE. In spite of this, there is relatively less available literature for this and comparison with other methods is extensively done. Shainin DOE also has many tools in its methodology. This paper is a case study to integrate the Shainin DOE tools with the DMAIC methodology applied to a subtractive manufacturing industry which manufactures turned and milled metal components. The case in this paper deals with the application of Shainin tools to narrow down the SSVs, which in this case was found to be a metallurgical defect and solution for improvement has been proposed. Keywords - Shainin Systems, Six Sigma, Small-Scale Industries