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Energy Absorption by Bending the Pins for Crashworthy Helicopter Seating

Helicopter is a versatile aircraft that can perform the multiplex missions like rescue operations, firefighting, ground surveillance, military missions etc. However, helicopter crashes occasionally occur on the account of technical failures or human errors. Consequently, crashworthy design of helicopter plays vital role in preventing catastrophic failure & injuries to onboard human beings. Crashworthiness can be vastly improved by employing effectively designed energy absorption materials or structures. This paper presents a new fixed load energy absorption system with simple design to absorb the crash energy. The concept includes energy absorption during the bending of pins with a bushing structure. In this paper the energy absorption structure to stroke within human tolerance limit is designed and static structural analysis is conducted. Then effect of energy absorption for various diameter and length of the pin is also analysed and compared. This work may shed light on the new concept of energy absorption by bending the pins which can be finely tuned according to the application. Keywords - Crash Worthy. Energy Absorption, Bending Pins, Structural Analysis.