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Finite Element Method Analysis of the Carbon/epoxy Composite Combined with 3D Printed Elements

The paper presents the results of a static bending test carried out on different specimens. The research covers testing of such materials as a 3D print of PLA with different layer orientations, PACF, and a novel Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite (CFRTPCs) material which consists of PLA 3D-printed and carbon fiber and epoxy resin laminate. The results obtained in the static bending test have been used to calculate Young’s modulus of the reinforcement layer consisting of carbon fiber epoxy laminate. Obtained analytical data allowed to create a Finite Element Analysis model for more advanced structures and complex geometries. Keyowrds - 3D Printing, Composite, Carbon Fiber, FDM, Material Testing, Static Bending, FEM, Finite Element Method