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Using Barkhausen Noise Technique Measuring Residual Stress of Sheet Medium Carbon Steel in Strain Hardening

Abstract - Barkhausen noise (BHN) is a technique that can be used to evaluate properties of ferromagnetic materials; case depth, coating depth, hardness, grinding burnt, and residual stress of a metallic material. Development of BHN system is interesting because of their time and cost-effectively. This research aims to study and select an appropriate method for assessing and predicting residual stress of AISI 1050 sheet steel. That are used to tensile testing to have a different of elongation in strain hardening based on signal processing of the BHN system. The residual stress measured by the BHN system was validated with the residual stress measured by the X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) technique. It can be concluded that this proposed measuring can be used to measure residual stress by calibrating it with XRD measurements using ASTM standard workpiece and experimental patterns. The residual stress assessment accuracy of 96.02 percent on average. Keywords - Barkhausen noise, Residual stress, Ferromagnetic material, ND.