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Experimental Investigation and Optimization of AA-5083-O and 6061-T6 Weld using Tig Welding

Abstract - The modernization and increasing challenges of industries required the material to be strong enough to withstand their load with less requirement of material. Because of its light weight, moderate strength, and superior corrosion resistance, aluminium as well as its alloys have been popular in recent years. In this study, mechanical properties of the 5083-6061 aluminium alloy V butt joints welded using different parameters with a gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) were studied. An aluminium alloy plate of 5mm thickness has been selected as specimen. Tensile and hardness tests were performed across both welded and unwelded samples during the study. The mechanical characteristics of 5083-6061 aluminium alloy sample joints are affected by the levels of process parameters. The tensile strength and hardness of affected zone were lower than those of the parent metal. Keywords - Tig-welding, Tensile test, Microhardness test, Taguchi analysis.