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Determination of Creep and Fatigue Stresses And Microstructure of Al7075/Nbc/Ti Nanoparticles Hybrid Composite

Abstract - Composites are the extremely needed materials in this world today, mainly in the fields of aerospace, marine, biomedical, automobile, sports, and domestic. The composites are having much better mechanical, physical, tribological and chemical properties than any other monolithic material. So only composites are very auspicious for the mentioned fields, as for example, only the aluminium matrix composites are best suitable for aerospace and titanium base composites are used for prosthetic applications. In this paper Al7075 is used as the matrix and niobium carbide and titanium nanoparticles are used as the reinforcements. Niobium carbide has a very high melting point of 34900 C, and titanium is highly corrosion resistant. Marine products are the maximum affected by corrosion due to the salt in sea water. So this material is applicable for marine equipments working at high temperatures, such as the ship heat exchangers, ship engines etc. which require high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Niobium carbide nanoparticles was added 5%, 10% and 15% and titanium nanoparticles 2%, 4% and 6% respectively to Al7075 and then the composite was manufactured using the stir casting method . The best results were obtained in 10% NiC and 4% Ti. Keywords - Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites, Al7075, Niobium Carbide nanopowder, Titanium nano powder, Nano- Hybrid Composite