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Effect of Variable Compression Ratio on Brake Thermal Efficiency of Compression Ignition Engine

Abstract - Diesel engines find wide applications in industrial and transportation sectors. The major problem associated with diesel engine is that it causes hazardous effects to environment by emitting harmful gases like NO, HC, PM. Many research papers reveal that using methanol blended diesel leads to improvement in combustion process and causes less emission of gases than using mineral diesel. Earlier, this experimental work has been performed on fixed compression ratio diesel engine by many researchers. But in this experiment work, diesel engine with variable compression ratio and water cooled engine was investigated. Effect of various methanol blended diesel with additives on BTE had compared with base case diesel under different loading conditions and compression ratio (CR16, CR 18, CR 20, and CR 22). In this experimental work, best possible base case was identified for the engine and then dodecanol is added with methanol blended diesel (D85M15) in various concentrations. It has been observed that performance parameters like brake thermal efficiency (BTE) improves on adding methanol and dodecanol with mineral diesel. On the other hand, emissions from various gases like Smoke, CO and HC also decrease by using methanol-diesel blend with dodecanol as compared to that of base case diesel (D100). Keywords - Diesel, C.R, BTE, Additives