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Using Decoupling Matrix to Discuss Accuracy of Six-Axis Force and Torque Sensors

This paper introduces calibration results of two kinds of six-axis force and torque sensors. The first one is developed by dual-frame structure with axis decoupling abilities. The other one is planar-type structure based on compliant mechanism that has axis coupling effects and easy to fabricated. The calibration result shows using sufficient single or six-axis force data sets achieves acceptable calibration results. The mean accuracy of the planar-typeforce and torque sensor is 2.34 % tested by random six-axis force and torque data. The results show the benefits of the planar-typeforce and torque sensor both in fabrication cost and performance. The calibration algorithm is least square method. The calibration machine is also disclosed. Keywords - Force and Torque Sensor, Calibration Machine, Least Square Method, Coupling, Strain Gauge.