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Theoretical Design and Specification of a Mars Rover for Controlled Exploration

This paper presents a comprehensive design and specifications of a Mars rover for a controlled operation to explore mars, perform various scientific experiments and collect data. It particularly focuses on key aspects such as mechanics, wheels and propulsion systems, robotic arms and controls, and protection systems. The aim was to design an exploration rover operable on Mars that is to be controlled and monitored from a base station on Mars itself, not farther than 20 kilometers from the Rover. The Rover's mechanics are designed such that it can fulfill all the requirements while simultaneously withstanding the extreme temperatures, dust storms, and rough terrain common on Mars. It explores the Drive system and Robotic arm along with their constituent parts to come up with a robust design of the overall system which can withstand extra-terrestrial conditions. Keyword - Rover, Robotic arm, Rocker Bogie.