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Investigation of Arc Constriction in Plasma Arc Welding

Analyzing the thermal fluid flow during a stationary plasma arc-cutting operation while using argon gas is the goal of this study. Multiphysics phenomena, such as laminar flow, heat transmission, and the electric and magnetic field, were solved using COMSOL software. The temperature and velocity characteristics for the free-burning Gas Tungsten Arc Welding plasma under argon gas served to validate the process. In this research, experimental findings from the literature are compared with the numerically computed temperature distribution and the highest plasma speed. Additionally, a different computational solution discovered in the literature is contrasted with the numerically calculated velocity profile. A nice match was evident from the comparisons. In higher temperatures, physical plasma constriction makes plasmas move more quickly. Argon plasma produces the most stable arc at the greatest plasma inlet velocity. It is possible to create plasma arc torches using the technique suggested in this work. Keywords - Plasma Arc Welding, Numerical simulation, Plasma constriction, FEM