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Modelling Of a Boiler Heating System in RETScreen Using Simulation Data From TRNSYS

The advent of renewable energy and more efficient technologies has led to an increase in new energy systems for building. Consequently, in the last years new specialized energy software tools have been developed to analyze these systems. The software energy simulations provide the ability to predict the performance of the designed building. Several energy softwares have a steady-state simulation approach. One of this is RETScreen. It can be used to evaluate various types of energy efficiency measures in buildings and factories. Despite its flexibility, it doesn’t evaluate some fundamental aspects such as the capacity of the energy system.Starting from this, a heating energy system was modelled in TRNSYS: a typical boiler with radiator. TRNSYS, dynamic tool based on hourly climate data, enables detailed technical simulation of energy systems. In that case TRNSYS represents the reference model.The aim of this work is to find a relationship among energy system capacity, energy system efficiency and annual gas consumptions for a boiler heating system using simulation data from TRNSYS in order to determinate a best practice to simulate these kind of energy systems in RETScreen. Keywords - RETScreen; TRNSYS; Energy Efficiency; Building Energy Simulation