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Assessing The Feasibility and Potential of Off-Shore Solar Energy Development in India

Offshore solar energy is gaining attention in India as a potential solution to the country's growing energy demand and limited land availability. With a vast coastline of over 7,500 kilometers and several large water bodies, India has the potential to harness solar energy on offshore platforms. The Indian government has launched various initiatives to promote offshore solar energy and encourage private investment in the sector. These initiatives include the development of policies and regulatory frameworks, financial incentives, and the establishment of offshore solar parks. The implementation of offshore solar energy in India can provide various benefits such as reducing land use conflicts, enhancing climate resilience, and complementing other forms of renewable energy generation. Despite the potential advantages, challenges such as high installation costs, technological limitations, and environmental concerns need to be addressed for the widespread adoption of offshore solar energy in India. Keywords - Solar Energy,Offshore Solar Energy In India,Potential of Solar Energy, Challeneges