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Design and Development of Two Row Planting Machine for Mulch Laying System

A tractor operated mulch and drip laying machine with two row planting unit consisting of punch planting arrangement was fabricated with the help of Vishwa Karma Agro Industries, Tonk (Raj.). The developed machine performs bund forming, drip line laying and mulch laying and planting at a single pass. The developed machine was tested for three forward speed (0.8, 1.0, 1.2 km/h) and three different plant to plant spacing (300,600, 1200 mm) respectively. Intended operations were perfectly achieved by the machine such as bund forming, drip laying, mulch laying and planting. Plant spacing had no significant effect on effective field capacity and field efficiency. Effective field capacity and field efficiency increases with increase in the forward speed. Seedling miss index and seedling multiple indexes decreased with increase in plant spacing but same increased with increase in speed. The performance of the machine was found satisfactory. Development work of AI based Robotic arms for picking and dropping of plants under progress to eliminate the human intervention.