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Hydrodynamic Study in a Baffled Tank with a Three-Bladed Stirrer

Mechanical mixing systems are the core of many manufacturing processes. Without them, few chemical reactions or mixtures would occur. In these systems the agitator can be subjected to high stresses (radial force, axial force, pressure prevailing in the tank, vibratory phenomena ...), for this, a study is conducted where baffles are placed at level and this to break the vortices which are at the origin of the vibrations which can lead to the wear and the damage of the agitators, and thus to brake the tangential flow (in block), and in order to create the radial and axial flow, So it is a 2D hydrodynamic study aimed at designing the effect of baffle geometry on turbulent flow and their impact on system energy consumption and mixing homogeneity. CFD Fluent software package was used and the multiple references frame and the rotating domain techniques are applied to simulate the behavior of flow pattern inside the stirred. Keywords - Baffles Geometry, Turbulent Flow, Hydrodynamics, Rotating Domain, CFD