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Experimental Investigation of Tool Wear during Novel Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming (SPIF) Process for AA6061

The Automobile and Aviation industries are trying to replace the current low-strength steel sheets with relatively lower thickness high-strength steel. This leads to a reduction in the weight of the equipment without compromising the stiffness of the structure. Single point incremental forming (SPIF) allows deforming of high-strength steel and other hard-todeform materials like Titanium at relatively lower stress values. This is done by deforming the material locally with the help of the single-point numerically controlled (NC) tool. However, the process is not yet fully industrialized due to high spring back values and lower geometric accuracy. One of the important aspects of the process is Forming tools, as it is directly related to the economics of the process and the production rate, which is directly affected by tool wear. This paper investigated the tool wear behavior of the SPIF tool at room temperature for High-Speed Steel (HSS) tools of different shapes. Keywords - Tool Wear, Metal Forming, SPIF, Surface Roughness