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Development of The Plug Tray Seeding System Via Pneumatic Servo Control

This paper aims to develop the plug tray seeding system via pneumatic servo control. In the mechanism design, a rod-less pneumatic cylinder is selected as the actuator, equipped with a plug conveying platform combined with a needle seeding mechanism, and a soil perforating mechanism. The plug tray seeding system is designed by SOLIDWORKS. Mathematical models of the pneumatic servo system are established. The functional approximation method with sliding mode control is used to control the plug tray seeding system for pneumatic trajectory servo control. The real-time pneumatic control system is through MATLAB/SIMULINK to achieve automatic precise seeding for the soil cultivation. This study will offer a novel option for seedling operations contributing to the advancement of agricultural carbon reduction. Keywords - Pneumatic Servo System, Plug Tray Seeding System, Trajectory Tracking Control