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Investigation of Temperature Distribution in Pyramid Solar Still with Numerical Simulation and Experinmental Measurement

Design and performance prediction of solar still is important for the construction of efficient solar still in practical applications. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)simulations and experimental measurements of temperature distribution in a pyramid solar still were conducted aiming at understanding on the temperature distribution in a pyramid solar still and producing a good design. The experiments were conducted in Mandalay, North Latitude of 21.996˚ and East Longitude of 96.1˚ in April. Both temperature distribution and fresh water production of solar still were experimentally measured. Then, the experimental results were compared with CFD simulations for verification. The temperature distribution and velocity vector inside solar still are explained and presented. Showing a good agreement between experiments and CFD simulations, the results verify and support each other. Keywords - CFD Simulation, Pyramid Solar Still, Operating Temperature, Solar Water Distillation, Fresh Water Productivity