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Investigation of 82b High Carbon wire Rod With Chrome For Prestressed Concrete Strand During Rolling Process

A prestressed Concrete Strand (PC Strand) is a concrete support with a combination of seven wire rods from the cold wire drawing process which are twisted together. PC Strand is widely applied in the building and bridge project industry. SWRH 82B wire rod grade material with Chrome alloy (SWRH 82BCr) has high tensile strength making it suitable for this application. To improve the mechanical properties of the wire rod, it is necessary to determine the optimum rolling process parameters. In this research, we will investigate the mechanical properties of 82BCr wire rods with variations in laying head temperatures at 900 and 960 0C and cooling conveyor speeds of 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8 m/s during the rolling process. The maximum tensile strength value of 1196 MPa with a reduction of area of 36% is obtained at a temperature of 9000C with a speed of 0.6m/s. This is also shown from the microstructure obtained in the form of fine pearlite and sorbite which have a good metallurgical structure. Keywords: High Carbon Wire Rod, PC Strand, SWRH 82BCr, Laying Head Temperature, and Cooling Conveyor Speed.