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Structural Analysis of Mini Power Weeder Worm Gear with Three Different Materials

This paper studies about the design and static structural analysis of worm gear in mini power weeder. Mainly, Lewis bending stress is affected on the face of worm gear with tangential force and bending moment is the next consider point for shear stress. Through that, von-Mises stress and effective strain are calculated under bending stress analysis of worm gear by theoretically. A 2.5 hp engine power and 6000 rpm worm speed mini power weeder is used in this paper to do worm gear bending stress analysis. AutoCAD 2019 software is used to model of worm gear and ANSYS 16.2 software is used to analyze static structural analysis of worm gear due to loading condition, with material properties of phosphor bronze, aluminum bronze, and tin bronze in this paper to find out the suitable material of worm gear for good performance. For the phosphor bronze material, the lowest von-Mises stress and effective strain are obtained. Thus phosphor bronze is found to be the suitable material for worm gear. Keywords - Mini Power Weeder, Worm Gear, Static Structural Analysis, Lewis Bending Stress, Phosphor Bronze