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Investigation of Flow Characteristics Inside the Impeller Passages for Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan

This paper presents the investigation of flow characteristics inside the impeller passages with free inlet to free outlet (without casing). The air flow in centrifugal fan is complex with the interacting flow within the impeller passages. Numerical analysis was considered at the opening condition by using ANSYS 21.0 (CFD-CFX). The designed inlet impeller diameter is 0.128m and outlet diameter is 0.178m. The inlet and outlet span height are 0.03m. The inlet blade angle is 23° and the outlet blade angle is 30° respectively. The design flow rate is 3m3/min and design head is 4m. The rotating speed of impeller is 1500rpm.The working fluid is considered to be an ideal gas (air at 25°C). The flow velocity and differential pressure were analyzed in the upstream and downstream of the impeller passages. Keywords - ANSYS 21.0 (CFD-CFX), Backward Curved Centrifugal Impeller, Flow Analysis, Without Casing