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Design Optimization Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger For Oil Cooler By Comsol Multiphysis

In this paper, the thermal behavior of the shell side flow of a shell and tube heat exchanger has been studied using COMSOL Multiphysis 4.3b.It has been employed to simulate a theoretical 2-D model for shell and tube heat exchanger. The model incorporates the effects of inlet and outlet fluid velocity and the material used for construction of heat exchanger for the required heat transfer to be achieved. The purpose of this paper is optimization of shell and tube heat exchanger for water heating operation. The heating water at 347K has to be heated to 351K. The study mainly focuses on various configurations of shell and tube heat exchanger tube materials and the effect of different variables on temperature drop for optimized configuration. Simulation results show that aluminum is obtained as the preferred material of selection as it is coherent with all the parameters of design for the desired heat transfer. Index Terms—COMSOL Multiphysis, Heating, Heat transfer rate, Optimization, Shell and tube heat exchanger.