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Numerical Investigation Of The Effects Of Blade Number On Flow Behaviors Of An Axial Pump

—in this paper, the behaviours of flow in an axial flow pump are studied and analysed changing various number of blades. The axial flow pump without guide vanes is used for numerical flow simulations. The number of the impeller blade is one of the important design parameters of the pumps. It can affect the fluid flows of the pumps. Therefore, the investigation of the effects of the blade number on fluid flows of an axial pump is carried out by numerical methods. Axial flow pumps are usually designed for high flow rate and low head applications. The input design data of the model pump are the flow rate of 0.2m3 and the rotational speed of 1160 rpm. The outer and inner diameter of impeller is 0.3m and 0.15m respectively. And the impeller with four blades is used in this paper.The blade number is varied to 2, 3, 5, 6 with the same input data and other geometric parameters keep constant. The velocity and pressure distributions, the two main parameters in axial flow pump, are analysed by using one of the CFD commercial tools, Solidworks. The flow analysis displays that blade number change has an effect on average flow velocity, static pressure, dynamic pressure, total pressure rise of the axial flow pump. This numerical research values are useful for hydraulic design of an axial flow pump. Index Terms—Axial Pump Impeller, Fluid Flows, Irrigation, Number of Blades