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Copper Plating On Abs Plastic By Thermal Spray

—Metallization of plastics has always been a great challenge to the researchers. With the establishment of the wide utility of metal coating on the plastic base, various attempts have been made to metallize plastic. This paper presents a simple and hassle free method of deposition of copper on the acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene plastic substrate by thermal spray method. The adhesion of the coating was assessed by standard tape test and has shown excellent adhesion to the substrate. Sliding wear test has been conducted to study the wear resistance of the coating surface. SEM and Energy dispersive X-Ray Analysis have revealed the coating characteristic and established coating to be of pure copper. Taguchi method of optimization was used to design the experiment using L27 orthogonal array. Effect of several parameters on coating thickness was studied. Keywords— ABS Plastic, Adhesion, Electric Arc spray, Copper, Metallization, Thermal spray, Wear