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Numerical Analysis Of Combustion Process In CNG (HCCI) Engine

In this paper, the combustion process occurred in a compressed natural gas (CNG) homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine is simulated and analyzed by using a zero-dimensional single zone model presented. The investigation was performed on a single cylinder of the four stroke engine running at a fixed speed of 3400 rpm. In this investigation, a zero-dimensional modeling has been developed to predict the inlet temperature and pressure for complete combustion in CNG (HCCI) engine. The mass, energy and hemical species conservation equations are solved by the constant volume approach. According to the investigating, compression ratio 11 , equivalence ratio 0.5 and fuel additives 0.13% are optimum combustion condition for CNG (HCCI) engine at correct ignition time 9ms. The molar fraction of chemical species for reactant of these engine are also presented in this paper. Index Terms—Formaldehyde, HCCI, Ignition Time, Molar Fraction, Natural Gas