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Flow Characteristics And Its Analysis Around An Impermeable Groyne

This paper express the results of an experimental study on a prismatic tilting flume using an impermeable groyne and analysing its flow characteristics(velocity and flow depth). A symmetrical prismatic channel of cross section 0.3 x 0.6 m was used. Physical model of an impermeable groyne with top width 0.02m, bottom width 0.26m, crest length is of 0.05m and bottom length is of 0.075m, was used to study the flow characteristics. Here 0.015m length is extended in the bottom of the groyne to depict a launching apron. The flow pattern in the longitudinal and cross sections at upstream (u/s) and downstream (d/s) have been studied and finally the flow characteristics have been analysed in a non-dimensional manner. Index Terms - Impermeable Groyne, Flow Characteristics, Froude’s number, Water Surface Profile.