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Review On Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) Of Aluminum Matrix Composites

Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) are one of the most advanced engineering materials and refer to the class of light weight high performance aluminium centric material systems that are utilised in high-tech structural and functional applications including defence, aerospace, automotive, and thermal management areas, as well as in sports and recreation. Conventional or traditional machining of these materials causes serious toolwear due to the presence of abrasive reinforcing particles and thus reduces tool life. Hence these materials can be machined by non-conventional machining and those methods in manufacturing continue to grow at an accelerated rate. Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) is one of the most successful non-traditional method for machining of AMCs. It shows higher capability to machine intricate and complex shapes with high precision. This paper presents a review of year wise research work done in WEDM on AMCs. Future trend of research work in the same area has also been discussed. Keywords – Wire electro Discharge Machining (WEDM), Aluminium matrix Composites (AMCs), Material Removal Rate (MRR), Process Parameters.