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Effects Of Cryogenic On Tool Steels-A Review

This paper studies the effect of cryogenic treatment on tool steels, many researchers shows their findings and optimized parameters affecting the properties of various tools steels under different machining process. Cryoprocessing is a supplementary process to conventional heat treatment, since it converts the retained austenite into martensite which is remain after heat treatment and due to martensite formation there is an increase in wear resistance, hardness, dimensional stability, and reduces tool consumption and hence extending intervals between replacements of tools which reduces the down time for the machine tool set up thus leading to cost reductions, which is an important consideration in industry. The effectiveness of these properties is improving by use of modern technology such as microprocessor, microcontroller to control temperature profile which avoids thermal shocks created. Some researcher developed their own system to control the drawback of cryogenic treatment such as developments of cutting forces are reduce by use of secondary liquid nitrogen supply. Various methods are incorporated to maintain low temperature such as use of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, adding nano particles to conventional cutting fluid.