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Libyan Made Steels Quality And Standers

Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) produce in excess of 1.3 million tons steel / year , using Medrix process utilizing local natural gas. LISCO products are Bars, Rods, Sections, hot and cold Rolled Sheets and Coils. During cutting &shaping of LISCO sheets with definite dimension, the product was deformed to an irregular shape. Samples used in the present case study were coded as (D) deformed and (ND) not deformed. Certain measured samples subjected for chemical analysis, mechanical tests ,heat treatment &finally microstructure was studied as well. The conclusion was that the quality of materials used for the investigation in accordance with the use for heavy duty trucks (IVECO) & fitsthe standard (15-2812), and the material classified as a steel FEE (420), tension results and Vickers hardness results are in accordance with the specified material. Consequently all of those testing &examinations, confirm that crucial deformation problem of plate during the shaping depends mainly on the asymmetry of residual stresses, related principally to the difference of workhardening intensity, where the cooling rate during rolling of hot/cold sheets should be uniform &it is recommended that heat treatments should takes place as well.