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A Review Of Optimization Process Parameters On Honing Machine

The MRR and surface roughness play an important role in productivity improvement. Surface finish increases as well as MRR increases. Gray cast iron (BHN 150) as selected a work piece material. In this paper input parameter are selected like feed pressure and spindle speed and output parameters are MRR and surface roughness respectively. Also three factors and their levels are selected. In this paper Taguchi orthogonal L g array is selected. In this method silicon carbide material is used for honing stick. This paper is related with the optimization process parameters which are carried out on hydraulic vertical honing machine. The speed selection depends upon hardness of crank case material as well as diameter of the bore to be finished. The spindle speed range between 150rpm - 700rpm. The coolant is used as servo park-2 or honing oil is used. In this method regression analysis and Anova technique is implementation. S/N ratio larger is better for MRR and S/N ratio smaller is better for surface roughness. The results revealed that using MRR gets as stroke pressure increases. From response table and graph has the rank indicates stroke pressure has greatest effect on MRR and the rank indicates the feed pressure has a greatest effect on surface roughness. The objectives of research summarized that feed pressure increases as its surface roughness decreases.