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Study Of Low Temperature Aging Characteristics & Microstructure Of Al-0.9mg-0.5si-1.10 Fe-0.35ca Al- Alloy

Aging characteristics of Al-0.9Mg-0.5Si-1.1Fe-0.35Ca Aluminum alloy is investigated. The aim of this work is to determine the effect of low temperature heat treatments of Al-0.9Mg-0.5Si-1.10Fe-0.35Ca aluminum alloy on hardness and aging characteristics .The specimens are solutionized at 510 ºC for 3 hours 30 minutes into the muffle furnace. After that the specimens are artificially aged at 110 ºC, 120 ºC and 130 ºC for different times of intervals. The results show that as the temperature increases the value of hardness also increases. The variations in time and temperature during heat treatment have improved the strength of the alloy, whereas the ductility has decreased. The exploratory work has uncovered that time and temperature assumes an essential part in the precipitation procedure of the aluminum-alloy. The presence of precipitates of Mg2Si is responsible for the improved hardness. The peak hardness values are found to be 34 BHN, 37 BHN and 41 BHN at 110 ºC, 120 ºC and 130 ºC respectively. Keywords— Aging, Hardness, Temperature, Time and Muffle Furnace.