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Frequency Effect On Flow Due To Oscillating Flat Plate Coated With Magnetic Fluid

This study investigates a steady state oscillatory flow of a viscous fluid due to the in-plane oscillation of a flat plate coated with magnetic fluid of uniform thickness. The solution to the unsteady flow problem in the normal and magnetic fluids which satisfies the boundary conditions and the interface conditions are obtained analytically and then the velocity and the shear stress distributions are determined. Special attention is paid to the effect of frequency on the time evolution of interface velocity as well as the profiles of velocity and shear stress. For the combination of fluids with the density ratio of 0.8 and the viscosity ratio of 40, the results show that the spatial and temporal variations of the flow field rapidly decrease with the increase of oscillation frequency. Index Terms— Flat plate, Frequency, Magnetic fluid coating, Steady state oscillation, Uniform thickness.