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Dual Axis Solar Tracking System Comparative Study And Mechanical Design Implementation

solar energy is considered as an important means of expanding renewable energy resources. This paper includes the design and utility of a mechanical-based solar panel tracking system. As the solar array is able to remain aligned to the sun, solar tracking allows production of more energy. One of the methods to increase the efficiency of a PV system is to employ a solar panel tracking system. In this paper we will check the efficiency of a single axis and a dual axis solar tracking system for one complete day at fixed intervals of time. The results are demonstrated using tables and efficiency graphs. The concise definition of this system is to design and develop a prototype of mechanical based dual axis solar array that actively tracks the sun so that maximum power is gained by the array at all time of the day by comparing two types of systems with the study of available literature. Keywords- dual axis system, Photovoltaic(PV) cell,solar tracking system, solar cell, sun tracker, Comparative study of mechanical system