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An Experimental Investigation Into Thermal Energy Storage Of A Coil-In-Shell Heat Exchanger Connected To A Heat Pump Using Different Refrigerants

The present experimental study investigates thermal energy storage of a coil-in-shell heat exchanger connected to a heat pump using different refrigerants. This highly efficient heat exchanger helps minimize a temperature difference between the shell-side fluid and the coil-side fluid, thereby enhancing the transference of the thermal energy between two or more fluids at different temperatures and in thermal contact. The performances of the coil-in-shell heat exchanger connected to the heat pump using different refrigerants were investigated in the present work. The effects of R134a and R22 refrigerants were analyzed in terms of heating times and power consumption. The results showed that the rate of heat transfer Q was 6.43 kW, based on the log mean temperature different (LMTD) of 36.2o C and a heat exchanger Rayleigh number of 3.1E9 . In addition, the effectiveness of heat exchange of the system connected to the heat pump was about 0.75 at the temperature difference of 33.6o C and at the provided flow coefficient of 1.7. Finally, the room temperature after the cooling process and the relative humidity were found to have significant values with the use of the two different refrigerants R22 and R143a. Keywords— Thermal Energy Storage, Coil-in-Shell Heat Exchanger, Heat Exchanger Effectiveness, Rayleigh number, Heat Pump.