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Design And Development Of The Hydro Quad rotor

Abstract— The Hydro Quadrotor is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) which navigates through water by remote operation or can be programmed to work in autonomous mode. These vehicles require autonomous guidance and control systems in order to perform underwater tasks. However, this model of AUV, the Hydro-Quadrotor mainly focuses on underwater photography, temperature sensing and implementing remote navigation unit. AUV can rely on a number of propulsion techniques. The Hydro-Quadrotor uses propeller based thrusters powered by Brushless DC motors. Electronic circuit part consists of Micro-Controller circuit, Power and Motor Driver circuit, Sensors and Display circuit. The design and development of the Hydro-Quadrotor consists of implementing a mechanical and electrical system, as well as the integration of subsystems. The development of these systems has resulted in a highly symmetric, stable, easily maneuverable and low cost design of underwater vehicle named the Hydro-Quadrotor.