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Study the Effect of Microstructure and Hardness After Heat Treatment

This Study is based upon the empirical study which means it is derived from experiment and observation rather then theory. Main Objective is to Study the Effect on the Hardness of three Sample Grades of Tool Steel i.e. EN -31, EN-8, and D3 after Heat Treatment Processes Such As Annealing, Normalizing, and Hardening & Tempering. This survey also helps to find out the place of the work to be carried out i.e. availability of set up, techniques used for such, estimated time & cost requires for such study to be carried out for such industrial survey to be carried out we designed a Survey questioner and selects various places who offers heat treatment services Ludhiana based. After literature review and industrial survey aims to prepare heat treatment performance Index HTPI 2012 which is supposed to be very effective tool for defining the objective function. After selection of material & heat treatment processes further aims to perform mechanical & chemical analysis i.e. composition testing of the three tool steel EN-31, EN-8, and D3 before treatment. After composition testing aims to do heat treatment processes i.e. Annealing, Normalizing, and Hardening & Tempering to be carried on such material & after treatment aims to perform harness testing on the treated and untreated work samples. Keywords— Annealing, Hardening & Tempering, Heat Treatment, Normalizing, Tool Steels.