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Comparison of Torque Characteristics of Archimedes Wind Turbine Evaluated by Analytical and Experimental Study

This paper represents design and fabrication of small scale horizontal axis wind turbine adopting Archimedes spiral rotor blade. A new type of yawing mechanism is introduced to sense the direction of wind and to turn the rotor in the most appropriate direction to harness maximum amount of wind energy eliminating the application of electronic devices. The aerodynamics characteristics and performance of Archimedes wind turbine were investigated on actual size of the rotor blade using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and field test. The torque obtainedfor lower wind speed is relatively high as compared to other type of wind turbine. The analytical value of turbine characteristics shows good agreement with the experimental results. Index Terms— Archimedes wind turbine, Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD), Field test, Torque characteristics of Archimedes wind turbine.