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Cold Flow Analysis of Tangential Inflow of Air-Producer Gas Carburetor

Currently there has been no Producer gas carburetors sold commercially. Some of theconcepts evolved have not been optimized and are not standardized as well. In this view, development of an optimized carburetor for producer gas application addressing the low energy density of the delivered mixture is need of the time. Design of a carburetor for producer gas application with special reference for reduced loss of pressure is taken up to generate the optimal fuel–air mixture to meet different load conditions of the engine as well as for varying operating conditions of producer gas reactor. A specially designed producer gas carburetor is comprehensively analyzed for its mixing performance and response with a CFD modeling. The model is made up of a mixing chamber that has the essential orifices for air and fuel (producer gas) inlets to generate stable stoichiometric mixture nearer to ambient conditions. The CFD simulations are carried out followed with experimental studies under engine simulation conditions using pressure controlling system to validate the analysis. The results show a consistency in the experimental data and the modeling has provided a good insight into the flow details and has paved way in optimization of geometrical design to get a good mixing efficiency. Keywords— Computational Fluid Dynamics, Producer Gas, Carburetor, Air/Fuel Ratio, Turbulence.