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CFD Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Percentage Heat Transfer Enhancement of CFHX With Hybrid Nanofluid as a Coolant

In the experimental work heat transfer using Hybrid-Nanofluid is compared with that of conventional coolant i.e. water or Green Coolant used in the automobile radiator. Hybrid-Nanofluid (HyNF) is basically combination / mixture of two or more nanoparticles mixed in a definite concentration. There are two broad methods for the preparation of HyNF viz. one step method and two step method. In the experimental work two step method was used for preparation of Hybrid-Nanofluid of two different nanoparticles used are Copper Oxide (CuO) and Ferrous Oxide (Fe2O3).The HyNF with the three different concentrations by volume percent were prepared viz. 0.5 %, 1 % and 1.5 %.HyNF flow varied and the different flow rates are 200 LPH, 300 LPH, 400 LPH, 500 LPH AND 600 LPH. The respective readings for variation in the flow rates were taken and recorded. It is observed that use of HyNF increases convective heat transfer coefficient up to 41 % and overall heat transfer coefficient up to 21 %. Experimental values are validated with CFD simulation. Keywords- Copper Oxide (CuO) and Ferrous Oxide (Fe2O3), Twos Step method, Hybrid Nanoluid, Cross flow heat exchanger, percentage heat transfer enhancement, CFD by fluent