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Enhancement of Material Removal Rate of Electrochemical Machining by Using Rotating Tool on AISI 1035

Electrochemical machining is one of the most potential unconventional machining process based on the phenomenon of electrolysis. This process requires maintaining a small gap the interelectrode gap (IEG) between the anode (work piece) and the cathode (tool-electrode) in order to achieve acceptable machining results. Electrochemical machining has established itself as one of the major alternatives to conventional methods for machining hard materials and complex contours without the residual stresses and tool wear. Studies on Material removal rate (MRR) are of utmost importance in ECM, since it is one of the determining factors in the process decisions. This paper deals that to investigate the improvement in the MRR of electrochemical machining on AISI 1035 by using rotating tool. Three parameters were chosen as process variables: Feed rate, energy and electrolyte discharge rate. Experimental MRR has been calculated for three different jet configurations under rotating and stationery conditions. The experimental results indicate that the electrochemical machining of AISI 1035 by using rotating tool gives better MRR for all jet configurations. Keywords- Electrochemical machining (ECM), Material removal rate (MRR), jet configurations, rotating tool