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Electro Chemical Discharge Machining: Process Capabilities

Electro Chemical Discharge Machining (ECDM) process has combined characteristic of ECM and EDM that enables to machine electrically conductive materials at a rate five to fifty times higher than ECM & EDM irrespective of the typical properties of newer materials such as chemical inertness and high strength high temperature resistance (HSHTR) by electro chemical dissolution (ECD) and by electric discharge erosion (EDE) simultaneously. The novelty of this process is that electrically non conductive HSHTR materials that are difficult to machine by conventional methods can also be machined by this process. Though this process itself imposes certain limitations such as low machining efficiency, heat affected zone, radial overcut etc. especially while machining some of the electrically non conductive materials but on the other hand this process has been successfully utilized with different conventional machining processes and named as hybrid machining. This paper explains the insight of the mechanism evolved while machining electrically conductive and non conductive materials and focused on the process capabilities of ECDM that has been explored by many researchers and proposed its usage in various forms. Keywords— Electro-Chemical Discharge Machining (ECDM), High Strength High Temperature Resistant Materials (HSHTR), Electro Chemical Dissolution (ECD), Electric Discharge Erosion (EDE), Hybrid Machining Processes (HMP).