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Effect Of Fiber Length On Tensile Characteristics Of Untreated Natural Areca Sheath FRP Green Composites

The interest and development in natural fiber materials over synthetic fiber is growing rapidly due to economical, eco friendly, renewable, Bio degradable and abduantly available. The present study aims in learning of tensile properties of untreated natural areca sheath fiber reinforced polymer matrix green composite (UNASFRPMGC). The reinforcement is natural areca fibers, which are extracted from areca sheath. The composites are prepared by using hand layup technique and are characterized with respect to mechanical properties tensile strength, tensile modulus. The results obtained for both the test were observed and compared with different fiber length to perceive the change in strength. The experimental results are validated by finite element method (FEA) through ANSYS software package. Keywords- Areca Sheath Green, Composite, Fiber Length, Natural Fiber.