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Physical and Mechanical Behavior of Marble (Caco3) Filled C93200 Alloy Composites For Bearing Application

In our present study the fabrication of marble (CaCO3) filled copper based alloy C93200 composites is focused with the aid of liquid metal stir casting techniques at different weight percentages (0wt%, 1.5wt%, 3wt%, 4.5 wt% and 6wt% of marble).unreinforced C93200 matrix alloy sample is also prepared to compare with fabricated composites. The microhardness, tension test and 3 point bending test followed by void fraction of fabricated composites are also evaluated and compared with unreinforced C93200 base matrix alloy. During the experiment it is observed that tensile strength, flexural strength and hardness of C93200-Marble composites increases (but the toughness of composites was adversely affected) as weight % of Marble particles increases up to certain limit then decreases. Also it is seen that the void fraction of fabricated composites decreases from 0.785% to 0.497% for 0wt% to 4.5wt% of marble (CaCO3). Similarly the hardness value of marble filled C93200 copper based alloy composites initially increases from 115.49 Hv to 128.97 Hv for 0wt% to 4.5wt% of marble but on further addition of marble particulates (6wt%) the hardness value decreases to 121.51 Hv. Keywords— Bearing Material, C93200, Marble, MMCs, Stir Casting, Mechanical Properties.